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Chinese Journal Of Biological Control ›› 2019, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (6): 861-866.DOI: 10.16409/j.cnki.2095-039x.2019.06.001

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Monitoring and Controlling Efficacy of Sex Pheromone and Sugar-vinegar Liquid against Adoxophyes orana beijingensis in Apple Orchards

LIU Zhongfang1, GAO Yue1, ZHANG Pengjiu1, FAN Jianbin1, YANG Jing1, FAN Changmi2, LI Xia3, FAN Renjun1   

  1. 1. Shanxi Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management in Agriculture/Institute of Plant Protection, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Taiyuan 030031, China;
    2. Plant Protection and Quarantine Station of Linyi County, Yuncheng 044100, China;
    3. Plant Protection and Quarantine Station of Linfen City, Linfen 041000, China
  • Received:2018-04-28 Online:2019-12-08 Published:2019-12-18

Abstract: The monitoring and control efficacy of sex pheromone and sugar-vinegar liquid against Adoxophyes orana beijingenisis was evaluated in apple orchards in Yuncheng City and Linfen City, Shanxi Province. The results showed that A. orana beijingenisis occurs four generation per year and the adult population dynamics monitored by these two methods was consistent. However, the moths trapped by sex pheromone were significantly higher than those trapped by sugar-vinegar liquid in three apple orchards, up to 5.95 times more. Branch damage rate declined significantly in the apple orchards treated by sex pheromone or sugar-vinegar liquid, though there was no significant difference between these two treatments. The control efficacies of sex pheromone and sugar-vinegar liquid against the first generation larvae of A. orana beijingenisis were 59.10% and 43.18%, respectively, and against the third generation larvae, 61.54% and 46.15%, respectively. Both the sex pheromone and sugar-vinegar liquid showed much higher control efficacies in mono cropping than in mixed cropping apple orchards, and higher control efficacies against the third than the first generation larvae. Therefore, both the sex pheromone and sugar-vinegar liquid can be used for the monitoring and control of A. orana beijingenisis in apple orchards, especially in large-area mono cropping apple orchards.

Key words: Adoxophyes orana beijingensis, sex attractant, sugar-vinegar liquid, monitoring effects, control effects, apple orchard

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