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journal1 ›› 2017, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (6): 760-766.DOI: 10.16409/j.cnki.2095-039x.2017.06.007

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Synergistic Effect of Mixing Solid Nanodispersions of Two Insecticides

CUI Bo, WANG Chunxin, LÜ Yan, YAO Junwei, LIU Guoqiang, CUI Haixin   

  1. Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2016-10-26 Online:2017-12-08 Published:2017-12-16

Abstract: In order to retard insect resistance and significantly improve efficacy of biopesticides, the mixing solid nanodispersions of emamectin benzoate with biopesticide characteristics and bionic pesticide lambda-cyhalothrin were prepared by self-emulsifying and solidification method in the conditions of excluding the effects of formulation composition and preparation process. The nanoformulations exhibited excellent wettability and retention characteristics on leaves. The LC50 of the mixing solid nanodispersions with 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 (w/w) ratios of lambda-cyhalothrin to emamectin benzoate was 24.0, 21.71, 33.26, 17.96 and 16.09 μg/mL, respectively, when treated against cotton aphid for 24 h. The co-toxicity coefficients were 264.74, 229.59, 106.82, 158.72 and 162.78, respectively. The ratios with significant synergistic effect were 3:1 and 2:1 (w/w). The study showed that retention was a key indicator of bioavailability. The construction of mixing solid nanodispersions and their synergistic effect provide new theoretical and technological foundations for extending biopesticide lifetime and retarding resistance. The mixing nanoformulation has broad prospect in the field of agriculture.

Key words: emamectin benzoate, lambda-cyhalothrin, mixing solid nanodispersion, synergistic effect

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