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Chinese Journal of Biological Control ›› 2024, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (2): 291-298.DOI: 10.16409/j.cnki.2095-039x.2023.01.028

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Screening and Application of High Toxicity Beauveria bassiana Strains against Holotrichia diomphalia Larvae

ZHANG Qiang1, ZHANG Yunyue1, ZHU Xiaomin1, LU Yang1, CHANG Xue1, GAO Yue2, HE Sicong1, LI Maohai1, TIAN Zhilai1   

  1. 1. Institute of Plant Protection, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Science/Jilin Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology/Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management on Crops in Northeast China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Gongzhuling 136100, China;
    2. Jilin Jixing Agricultural Technical Service Center, Gongzhuling 136100, China
  • Received:2022-12-13 Published:2024-04-28

Abstract: The aim of this study was to screen for highly toxicity Beauveria bassianan strains against the larvae of Holotrichia diomphalia Bates.The pathogenicity of a B.bassiana strain BbQCGZL-1 against the white grubs was determined by laboratory bioassay and its control efficiency against the grubs was compared to other agents.Further,the control efficiency of B.bassiana BbQCGZL-1 against the white grubs on different crops was tested by using outdoor potted plants.The results showed that the corrected mortality rate of the grubs was more than 75% at 14 d post treatment with the B.bassiana BbQCGZL-1,higher than those obtained with other stains tested;The LC50 was 1.21× 107cfu/mL at 7 d post treatment,the LT50 was 8.82 d with a concentration of spore suspension of 1.0× 108 cfu/mL.The results of the laboratory bioassay and the outdoor potted plant experiment showed no significant difference in the control efficiency between B.bassiana BbQCGZL-1 and commercial biological agents against the white grubs in Northeast of China.Overall,the B.bassiana BbQCGZL-1 can be used as a microbial agent to control H.diomphalia larvae in the field.

Key words: Holotrichia diomphalia, grubs, Beauveria bassiana

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