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Chinese Journal of Biological Control ›› 2021, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (2): 259-265.DOI: 10.16409/j.cnki.2095-039x.2021.02.004

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Screening and Identification of Bacillus velezensis Strain BP-1 and the Field Control Efficiency against Peanut Web Blotch

ZANG Chaoqun1, ZHAO Ying2, XIE Jinhui1, LIN Ying1, PEI Xue1, LIU Xiaozhou1, LIANG Chunhao1   

  1. 1. Institute of Plant Protection, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang 110161, China;
    2. Plant Nutrition and Environmental Resources Research Institute, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang 110161, China
  • Received:2020-05-15 Published:2021-04-14

Abstract: In order to obtain effective resources for controlling peanut web blotch,60 healthy peanut leaves were collected from major peanut producing areas in Liaoning province, such as Fuxin, Shenyang, Jinzhou, etc. 435 bacteria, 98 fungi and 30 actinomycetes were screened by dilution plate method. 34 strains showed different levels of resistance against Peyronellaea arachidicola. Among these strains, BP-1 strain showed the strongest inhibitory activity, and the inhibition zone was 27 mm. Meanwhile, BP-1 strain showed inhibitory activity against other 11 kinds of pathogens,with the inhibition zone among 5.6 to 22.8 mm. According to the morphological characteristics, physiological and biochemical reaction and 16S rDNA sequence comparative analysis, BP-1 strain was identified as Bacillus velezensis. BP-1 fermentation broth showed good control effect on peanut web blotch, with the efficacy of 60.65% after spraying germination broth diluted 200 times. Therefore, the BP-1 had a great potential in controlling peanut web blotch.

Key words: Peyronellaea arachidicola, biological control, inhibitory action, Bacillus velezensis

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