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Chinese Journal of Biological Control ›› 2022, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (1): 133-139.DOI: 10.16409/j.cnki.2095-039x.2021.08.002

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Control Mechanism of Trichoderma against Plant Parasitic Nematodes

WANG Xiujuan, ZHANG Shuwu, XU Bingliang   

  1. College of Plant Protection, Gansu Agricultural University/Engineering Laboratory for Biological Control of Crop Diseases and Pests, Lanzhou 730070, China
  • Received:2021-06-08 Online:2022-02-08 Published:2022-03-01

Abstract: Biological control, used as a safe and effective measure for preventing and treating plant parasitic nematodes disease, contributes to reducing the application of chemical pesticides and environmental contamination. With potential biocontrol functions, Trichoderma has been widely studied and applied to control plant parasitic nematodes. Based on the direct and indirect benefits against nematodes disease, this paper overviewed the multiple coordinated mechanisms of Trichoderma in causing hyperparasitism and toxicity against plant pathogenic nematodes, as well as inducing plant resistance and promoting plant growth. In order to provide reference for controlling plant parasitic nematode disease with the scientific utilization of Trichoderma, it is expected that more Trichoderma nematicides resources should be further investigated and explored, and more studies focusing on the mechanism of Trichoderma against nematode disease at the molecular level should be conducted in the future.

Key words: Trichoderma spp., nematode, biological control, interaction mechanism, direct mechanism, indirect mechanism

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